Elephants Care Camp Thailand

Our elephant camp there are 3 locations ,One is in Phang-nga province. And we are 2 locations is in Chiangmai ,

One at Mae Ta Man Village, Kuet Chang Subdistrict, Mae Taeng District,

and another one at Mae Rim  Subdistrict, Chiang Mai Province.

Elephants Care Camp @Mae Taman

At Mae Taman Surrounded by breathtaking mountain views and pristine nature on more than 22 rai of jungle, you can experience elephants in the most ethical way possible in their natural environment- unchained, unhooked, and free!

It is our mission to help preserve and heal these gentle giants so they may never feel imprisoned or suffer animal cruelty again.

The elephants can play together in the bathing zone next to the river, and cool themselves off from the heat.

By visiting us, you are supporting a sustainable, ethical and compassionate approach to elephant tourism where elephants have the freedom to live naturally.

Our heartfelt mission is to “rehab” disabled, elderly, and commercial elephants from a long life of unfair trade labor. Elephants camp care Thailand we would like to offering 2 Locations in Chiangmai, with different activities, different programs.

Elephants Care Camp @Mae Rim

Releasing the hooks and chains to provide our Thai elephants with happiness and freedom.

In October 2022, this elephant camp just began operations. Our goal is to aid starving elephants that were pulled through the jungle. This location is in the nearby Mae Rim District, close to the city. A lot of well-known tourist attractions are also nearby. Six elephants that were nurtured in harmony with nature are currently under our care. These elephants are stunning, wise, and well-behaved. We also engage in a variety of other activities at this camp, like giving the elephants food, making vitamin balls, and bathing them. We provide culinary workshops where guests can learn the traditional techniques for preparing Thai food.

You will encounter the way of life in nature while participating in activities. We sincerely hope you enjoy this fantastic opportunity to see how people coexist with elephants.